This Is Now

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

This Is Now

In recent days some media reported claims from salmon farming critics that Brown’s Bay Packing continues to produce heavy flows of thick and red wastewater, suggesting nothing has been done by our company or regulators since a video of our outflow pipe first came to light two years ago.

These claims are simply not true. In fact, we have made a significant capital investment to have a cutting edge water treatment system built, which was installed and went online in May. In the same period of time our regulators have modernized the permit process with the strictest standards in our sector.

After the inaccurate claims hit the news with a new video, we sent our own divers down with video cameras to capture what’s actually going on. The YouTube video on this link gives you a brief look at what’s happening both above and below the water - unedited and unfiltered. This is what it actually looks like, straight up.

You can be assured the team at Brown’s Bay takes our responsibility to protect the environment seriously and are as passionate about wild salmon as any activist. We are a local company, employing more than 60 hardworking local residents, and are proud of the positive role we play in our community.

Dave Stover
Managing Partner