Making sense of recent media reports

Thursday, March 1, 2018

We understand why people have questions about the Aquaculture industry and Brown’s Bay Packing Company is fully committed to working with regulatory authorities to review the science and best available practices and technologies with respect to fish processing. While we do not raise farmed salmon ourselves, we do provide safe, secure and careful processing services to companies that do.

Brown's Bay Packing Company plays a leading role for the industry

To ensure the highest standards across the industry, Brown’s Bay Packing has been collaborating with the BC Ministry of Environment since 2004 to create, document and implement new standards.  We look forward to continuing this collaborative effort through the government review and audit announced December 20, 2017.

Disinfected effluent discharge

To understand the truth about recent negative news reports related to our disinfected effluent discharge process, please review the BC Salmon Farmers Association response here. We have remained relatively quiet in our response to the video that first circulated in the news and across social media on November 27, 2017.  The truth is, we wanted to ensure our response is both informative and factual. 

The widely-circulated video and images of our effluent discharge pipe were created by industry opponents with the intention of evoking an emotional reaction from viewers. The video was enhanced to help viewers draw conclusions about our operational practices. To provide clarity, the discharge from our plant does not enter the ocean in a raw form. Our effluent goes through a disinfection process prior to being discharged into the ocean. Our systems and processes are monitored daily and our regular compliance testing has shown the disinfected effluent has minimal impact on the marine environment.

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