Fall/winter update

Thursday, December 20, 2018

December 2018:

Since our last update, we have enjoyed some significant accomplishments.  Firstly, our employees have done an outstanding job, processing record breaking production volumes. In October we surpassed 20,000 metrics tonnes of farm fresh salmon, which set an annual record for our facility.  By calendar year end this year, we will surpass 23,000 metric tonnes – not bad for a facility that was built to process 4,000 mt’s per year. Secondly, we successfully completed our recertification for BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).  These certifications are an important third-party verifier of our practices such as quality and environmental controls and human resources.  In addition, we remain in good standing with all other regulators.

The negative media coverage 12 months ago involving the video release of our blood water pipe has settled down.  In our July news update, we referenced the MOE’s audit findings of all fish processing facilities and reiterated our ongoing commitment to the process for improvements to regulations and permitting.  For our part, we have completed all required assessments, studies and monitoring and submitted our information to MOE ahead of the December 31st deadline.  The required documents form part of the permit amendment process.  One of the professional assessments provides important information to the MOE and the public.  For a copy of Mainstream Biological Consulting’s environmental assessment please Click Here. Conclusively, there is no evidence of harm to the surrounding environment, despite 30 years of permitted blood water discharge.  Furthermore, the report identifies that the surrounding environment is active and healthy.

For a further understanding of PRV and its presence in our waters, please see the link below.  While the work on PRV is ongoing, its important to understand that PRV is ubiquitous in the marine environment and likely found in all species of fish, wild and farmed from Oregon to Alaska.  Its also important to note that the farm salmon we process originate as smolts which test negative for PRV upon entry in the marine environment.


Stay tuned for important updates in the New Year.  We are under going several improvements to our processing line to prepare for volume increases 2019-2023.  In addition, we have acquired technology for effluent treatment which is scheduled for full operation by the Spring.  On December 20, 2018, Federal Fishery Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, announced a funding initiative for waste water for our facility.  We are looking forward to the implementation of our new system and will provide further updates through the Spring.  For further information on the press release, please see the link below.    


Happy holidays from the team at Browns Bay Packing.