Brown’s Bay Packing Company supports strengthening regulations

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Brown’s Bay Packing Company is pleased to see the BC government has committed to strengthening regulatory standards for the Aquaculture industry. To ensure they operate with the highest standards, Brown’s Bay Packing Company has been collaborating with the BC Ministry of Environment since 2004 to create, document and implement new operating standards. 

“The results of the government’s audit reinforced the need to update permit requirements including water quality parameters, discharge volume limits and environmental monitoring practices. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with government and will continue to seek the best available global practices,” says David Stover, Managing Director of Brown’s Bay Packing Company. “We currently operate within strict regulations and within our permit guidelines but we’re always seeking new and better methods to move the industry forward.”

Earlier this year, activists posted an altered video and images of Brown’s Bay Packing Company’s effluent discharge pipe which stirred up negative reactions in the media. “While we were very disappointed that industry opponents were spreading information that was inaccurate at best and defamatory at worst,” says Stover, “we did take a moment to ask ourselves if we were doing enough to inform the public about our best practices. The fact is, we’ve been pioneers in the industry for almost 30 years and have collaborated with international organizations, governments and other companies to create, document and implement new standards.”  

It is important for the surrounding community and other stakeholders to understand that Brown’s Bay Packing Company continues to screen and disinfect its processing effluent prior to discharge.

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