About Brown’s Bay Packing Company

Brown’s Bay Packing Company is a federally licensed and provincially permitted fish processing company. We have been safely and efficiently processing farm raised salmon in the coastal community of Campbell River since 1989.

  • We provide custom seafood processing in a way that honours all our relationships.
  • We are trusted stewards of our customer’s harvest.
  • We’re committed to technical innovation and careful handling throughout our operation.

Our People

While fish processing is our business, building a loyal, local team and being a leading supporter of our thriving community has been our focus. Providing employment for hundreds of people over the years, we are known for taking care of our employees –we understand that our company will only do well if our people are treated well.


We are also known for looking out for our neighbours. Whether it’s donating time and resources to local charities, sporting teams or schools, you can always find Brown’s Bay Packing Company involved.

Ensuring our supply chain includes local businesses, Brown’s Bay Packing Company purchases goods and services from local businesses at every opportunity. From plant supplies to staff gift cards, we invest in Campbell River’s economy by supporting local businesses.


We live, work and play in the area where our business is located. We raise our families here and care deeply about the marine environment. Operating an industrial business adjacent to marine environment requires attention to detail and risk management. We have a proven track record of compliance with all government ministries and remain committed to a science-based approach to environmental management.

To find out more about Brown’s Bay Packing, email: info@brownsbaypacking.com

David Stover

David Stover is co-owner and Managing Director of Brown’s Bay Packing Company. Raised in Campbell River, Dave is father of three, a leading contributor to the business community, a volleyball coach and perpetual volunteer. He sits on the Board of the BC Salmon Farmer’s Association and holds a B.A. from the University of Victoria.

Don Millerd

Don Millerd is co-owner of Brown’s Bay Packing Company who has a long history in the fish canning and processing industry. A lawyer by training, Don is a born entrepreneur who’s built several successful businesses over the past 35+ years. Now semi-retired, Don continues to provide guidance and advisory support to Brown’s Bay Packing Company. Read more about his family connection to Brown’s Bay Packing Company here.